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Pau Brazill

Lovely post Kim.

Max Allan Collins

Terrific post. I bought the original paperback off the stands when I was a very young teenager, and was introduced to a sleazy world no kid in Iowa had ever experienced. I loved that book and was fascinated when I'd see her in KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE and other films. One of the brain-frying things about the book, at the time, was the nude photos -- a movie star publishing nude photos of herself in her own autobiography...and very unflattering, ultra-lowlife ones? Wow. Made the later Mamie Van Doren and Jayne Mansfield paperbacks look like pure class.


great post! i was so interested in miss payton when i found out how wild she was. i am still reading kiss tomorrow goodbye and now really want to read i'm not ashamed. the woman had crass.


Reverence for Camille Paglia, Harold Bloom,Jean Harlow, Harold and Maude... You are the perfect woman, Kim.

I got to meet Camille when she visited my university and was invited to dinner after the event because of my friendship with a professor. I was in awe of her unique presence and eventually got up enough courage to talk about my thesis which concerned Lolita(the novel,the two film versions,and the Nabokov screenplay)I wish Tuesday Weld had accepted the role of Lolita. It would have given the film the charge it needed. Sue Lyon just doesn't have Weld's presence.

(No Roz, No Joan)


thanks to your last article about her, i read the book and it´s very much in line with veronica lake´s autobiography and the later chapters of "will there really be a morning". not as good as either of them but still quite a thrill. (and that´s why i´d rather recommend "sexual personae" and "will there really be..." than "not ashamed" and "veronica".)

but speaking of jessica lange..... pleaaaaaaase! please please! write an article about her!

(and isn´t it astounding that drew barrymore overcame her extreme child-star-days?! maybe she read payton?)

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