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Bill Stankus

You mentioned about the reaction when H&M was first released. I remember that is was like an odd puzzle piece that didn't quite fit with the other pieces being released at that time. In context of the time, it was quirky in a different way, initially we just didn't know how to relate to it.

There's no denying Shampoo, Being There and The Last Detail all were sensational... especially The Last Detail.

After seeing it, if ever I wanted a buddy to back me up in a bar - it was hard ass sailor Nicholson.

Angela Burton

Harold and Maude, one of my favorite films of all time. Ruth Gordon was exquisite in this part. You had to love her.

I have made a habit of falling in love with the wrong people, and must say, it is always thrilling!


Thank you for reminding me of Harold & Maude - this is exactly what I need these days and I am going to watch it tonight crying my eyes out for sheer joy and solace!

Pau Brazill

Lovely article, kim. i remeber H&M being on BBC2 on a Sunday night. I was dreading school the next day-as usual and it certainly took the edge off my teenage angst!Cheers!Paul

Mr. Peel

That was beautiful. Just beautiful. It's playing at the New Beverly over the next few nights and now I may have to go to see that yellow umbrella once again and remember, as you put it, what it's like to fall in love with the wrong person. It can be a glorious feeling and, to steal a line, gives you something to talk about in the locker room. If I don't make it, maybe I'll take your advice and watch it on Saturday night. I have a feeling I'll need it.

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