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Pau Brazill

Never heard of Little Murders, so cheers for that.


A superb list, but I would like to add Barbara Loden's Wanda my favorite film of the seventies. After playing the naughty sister in Splendor in the Grass and the Marilyn Monroe stand in in After the Fall on Broadway she made this brilliant, sad film in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The best anti-tourism picture before Deliverance. Her haunting face is the stuff that dreams are made on. Kazan was no doubt intensely jealous and it lead to his not-so-successful experiment The Visitors made the following year.

I'm also a fan of Joey Lauren Adams Come Early Morning,The Pledge(which contains Jack Nicholson's best performance),Ben Stiller's The Csble Guy( a woefully misunderstood film),Sofia Coppola's three features, Anne Bancroft's Fatso,Gene Wilder's first two films as a director,The Anniversary Party,The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada,and even Lupino's The Trouble with Angels.


One-eyed Jacks is a fascinating western for me. Overlooked it seems, but I don't see how, considering you always see copies in the dollar bins at supermarkets. The main thing Brando succeded in this was the performances. Everyone, including the bit players are very good in naturalistic way (think Peckinpah).


For some future column like this, how about Peckinpah-regular L.Q.
Jones' A Boy and His Dog? I'm not alone in thinking it's a damn good movie, sort of the sci-fi movie Sam P. never got to make.

How do you consistently write such excellent columns? Great site--thanks!


Please, please let me know of a way of seeing RIDE THE PINK HORSE, particularly if it's on film (I can lobby my local classic/arthouse cinema programmer to import a print). It has been a "want-to-see" for a long time but I can't seem to find it here in Australia.

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