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And here I thought I was the only one who loved Wanted...


Thank you for this dedication to one of my favourite actresses out there. An actress I can get behind in pretty much any role. She just knows how to elevate films.


I will take this opportunity to mention the other great overlooked Angelina Jolie performance: Joan in Playing by Heart. I will admit that it has been ten years since I have seen the film but the Angelina Jolie/Ryan Phillippe scenes are the ones that I remember over all others. It wasn’t because she was the star of the film. Looking back at films that came out before then I had seen Hackers and Gia but her staring roles were still to come.

If its not bad form to mention your own blog when posting comment myself and Kim although not completely agreeing both draw comparisons between Angelina’s character of Lisa in Girl Interrupted and Anne Hathaway’s Kym in Rachel Getting Married when talking about this years Oscars.


I tried to post this before, but somehow it got lost.

Very late to put it up now, but I will anyway.

She was great in Playing By Heart and Gia (both of which I've seen again fairly recently.) And I agree the Jolie/Phillippe pairing was usually the most compelling to watch of all the story lines. It showcased her raw energy and spontaneousness that can also translate into dangerousness and unpredictability. For example, when Keenan tells Joan he doesn't drink and she just opens her mouth and lets her martini just spill out of it and all over the table, the look in her eyes is pure devilish glee, with hints of both calculation and mystery. She's rising to the challenge of winning this dificult and gaurded boy.
She was great and wacky as Mary Bell in Pushing Tin, too.
But the Playing By Heart example also demonstrates the glaring difference between her career path and Ryan Phillippe. Now, he's nowhere near as famous, does not command the same salary, and hasn't set up a foundation to help refugee kids get asylum in America.
However, when it comes to the ability to completely disappear into a role, he can still do that and she can't, because he's not hampered with the excess baggage of extreme celebrity. Which is a bummer, because in those early films she was simply riveting to watch.


She is one of the greatest actress we have, no doubt about it, in every role she takes, she can do justice. Directors pick on the list, love to work with her. Good or Bad publicity, you will love her more. On my opinion, she deserve to win Best Actress in the Oscar, her role in " Girl Interupted" and "Changeling". Also best director for Mr. Clint Eastwood. Making extra ordinary documentary film for Best Picture.

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