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Ned Merrill

Ah, carnies. I've always had a fascination with the carny lifestyle, which is probably why I so enjoyed CARNY (where is the DVD already?!). I even have a soft spot for THE FUNHOUSE.

Erich Kuersten

Ah, Hot voodoo makes me wild. I have such a love-hate relationship with Blonde Venus (love Marlene, Cary, "Taxi," hate that annoying kid and his patriarchal pissant father; it's pretty clear Sternberg does too. ever the sadist, he makes marlene choose the bourgeois bullshit over Cary's decadence. But you are right! RIGHT to praise it. If ever films deserved obsessing over, it's the Sternberg-Dietrich films (my favorites are still Shangai Express and Morocco)

Joe Valdez

I'm not a big Jason Statham fan, but your description of him is bananas, Kim. If I had just arrived to the '00s, I would get it. I need vivid writing like this when reading about really old movies or really new ones, as I don't watch nearly enough of either.

What was written on the carny's baseball cap and where can I order one?


Good aim.


blonde venus...ahh, breaktaking.
you are beautiful too my dear!


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