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"Your brother's not crazy. He just suffers from acute perception."

-dennis hopper to matt dillon in Rumble Fish

Joseph B.

Nice list, Kim. "Over the Edge" was one of those I saw, like you, at a young age and it always stuck with me. I don't know if I fully understood the level of rebellion, but I knew something was pretty disturbing about this film.

I also humbly submit the early 80's Sean Penn flick "Bad Boys". Violent, but great. And I've always been afraid of that blond afro guy Clancy Brown since then.


I knew we shared a love and admiration for Tuesday (as well as a slew of other folks and films) so I am glad to see Mickey Rourke can be added to the growing list. I first saw Rumble Fish in my mid teens and Mickey's performance continues to haunt me (don't even get me started on Pope of Greenwich Village).

Anyway, great list...awesome to see Foxes on here. Such a great film so often overlooked.

Kudos as well for pointing out how terrific Reese Witherspoon can be...I miss how subversive she used to be as well but I suspect she might surprise everyone again eventually.

Reno Sepulveda

I loved Sean Penn in Bad Boys. The improvised juvie weaponry was very impressive.


Great list and a good read. For your consideration: If (starring Malcolm McDowell).

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