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George Schmidt

Cool choices
I digress though - the scariest one was on tv (I know this is for cinema) - the old TWILIGHT ZONE w/Cliff Robertson (they used the same dummy in another ventriloquist themed ep. w/Jackie Cooper)
Happy Halloween!

Joshua Wiebe

Great post, first one in a while that gave me a movie to check out that I haven't seen before, muchos gracias.


don't forget the creepy doll in the underrated horror film May (2002). Very scary.

Erik Nelson

Fans of demented dummies should check out the psychological thriller PIN (1988) with David Hewlett and Cindy Preston. Hewlett and Preston are siblings who are taught the facts of life and basic morality by their father, Terry Quinn, who uses ventriloquism and a medical dummy named PIN. Also, the recent DEAD SILENCE is pretty good and features a crazed female ventriloquist.


I recently watched Season Three of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" on DVD. The first show of the season, "The Glass Eye," stars Jessica Tandy as a lonely woman who falls in love with a ventriloquist. The surprise ending is creepy, but also very sad and strangely touching. Definitely worth a look (and someone's posted it on YouTube for easy access).

Any ventriloquist/dummy storyline freaks me out, but the "Magic" trailer scared me so much as a child that I never got around to watching the film. In addition, I've only been able to watch "Dead of Night" two or three times over the years- the dummy scares the hell out of me in the Michael Redgrave sequence, only to come back for an even more terrifying appearance later on. Can't imagine watching this one as a child.

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