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Terrific list on an extremely undervalued genre. I would have included GATOR (which I prefer to W.L.) but I am glad to see at least one of them here.

There's a moment in SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT that kind of sums up my love for American Cinema in the seventies more than any's towards the beginning when Cledus asks the Bandit why they are doing what they were doing and he of course replies "well they say it can't be done." Simultaneously chokes me up and gives me an adrenaline rush each time I see it.
It is a genre much smarter and much more daring than most critics have ever given it credit for...

willem wennekers

Thanks for giving Good Ole Boy movies their due.

Ned Merrill

This canon, which I lovingly call "hixploitation," is truly one of my favorites. Many on your greatest hits list are on mine as well. The more love for WHITE LINE FEVER, Joe Don Baker, and truckers the better!

I'm curious as to how you draw the line between "Southern films" and "good ol' boy films"? Does PRIME CUT not qualify because its protagonist is a Northerner sent in to clean up an aspect of the backwards South and, thus, comes from the wrong perspective?

Just recently caught up with I WALK THE LINE and really enjoyed it, but I'm not sure if it qualifies under your good ol' boy guidelines. Some other nominations: LOLLY MADONNA XXX, CITIZEN'S BAND/HANDLE WITH CARE, VIGILANTE FORCE, A SMALL TOWN IN TEXAS, THE GREAT TEXAS DYNAMITE CHASE.


I saw so many of these when I was a kid...mostly at the drive-in.

I tend to think the disappearance of the one might have something to do with the other.


Oh Kim you had me at "Vengeance Shall Be Brutally His."

Add To Que Done.

Thanks for the shout outs to Thunder Road, and the vastly underrated Convoy as well.

But no Rolling Thunder?

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