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I have to say that Blues in the Night is an amazing film that always cheers me up. It's insane. Have you seen it? I really have to do a Noir of the Week on it but I really don't know how to explain the movie. Musical/noir/comedy. It's all of these but really it's own original thing.


Total agreement on PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, a terrific film with a performance by Franco that already feels legendary...also I am so envious you ran into the Hammer and that is so badass you got one of his lighters. Picture please...


He still looks like a badass!


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! You are the first person I have seen to give Pinapple Express a good review. I thought it was a great movie and I added to my site I've been working on if you search for it you'll find it in great quality :)

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