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Great post, now I'm even more amped to see it tonight. Heath is incredible, its going to be hard to see him so alive...

happy weekend


The magic trick is the part that really draws the line in the sand.

My jaw dropped.

All bets are off after that.

And that nurse ... wow ....

Watching Ledger's Joker I was reminded of another villain -- the crazed cop in "The Professional."

It wasn't until at least a minute or two later that it occurred to me that the crazed cop in "The Professional" is now Commissioner Gordon.


"He's the Tyler Durden of Super-villains"

Perfectly stated.

I was expecting a lot from the Dark Knight and Ledger's Joker and for once my expectations were met. Great stuff all around.


I was completely blown away by this film. So much so, that I can barely talk about even a couple of days later. There is just so much to it that I know that it will only get better with repeated viewings.
As far as Heath..I am still broken up about his death and thought this was among the most masterful performances of the decade. It's funny, but I thought of Dean in GIANT as well...Heath's performance and the film both already feel like a legend.


If anything, credit should be given to a villain who can remind us of all the "fun" that can be had with pencils...
But seriously, this is definitely the best of the Batman films by far. And having the best villain (I want to see him get turned into hamburger, but I don't want him to. Oh, the conflict!) in recent cinematic history (at least this year) doesn't hurt either.

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