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One of my all-time favorites. The Coen Bros. love it too - lots of references to it pop up in Raising arizona.

Adam R

Wonderfully put, one of my favorite movies.

In the new Dazed and Confused commentary, Richard Linklater says the scene where the freshman kid's mom pulls a shotgun on O'Bannion is a nod to Gish.


and we shouldn't forget the best allusion to this movie - or at least the "hip-hop" version of mitchum's great love/hate speech in Do The Right Thing.


Mitchum is just terrific as preacher


A few years ago, the NFT in London screened an hour of so of mute outtakes from Night of the Hunter - just shots of Laughton acting out the kids parts for them, that sort of thing. I can't imagine another movie that would make me wish - no, lust after - screenings of silent leftovers. A masterpiece of pulp poetry (and the source novel, despite what Agee has said about it, is actually pretty damn great too - it's no Badge of Evil, anyway).

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