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Great choices all. I also grew up loving Paper Moon, and I get choked up every time I see Gene Hackman in the back of that ambulance in The Royal Tenenbaums.

Bill Stankus

Thanks for the sweater scene from Lord Love A Duck! I almost forgot how good-strange-psycho that scene is. Showalter is fantastic and Weld - well, let's say colorful fruit will never be the same again.

What were people thinking? Depends. Mom was busy figuring out if she could wear those sweaters while covering the eyes of her children sitting next to her at the theater. Dad was thinking, "Why do I have to sit through this junk when there's a perfectly good war movie playing down the street". Teens were thinking, "I wonder if tonight I can get the parent's car - the one with the big back seat."

Kelly P

OMG that sweater scene is undescribably sicko. How bizarre. Do you think there's any real fathers like that?

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