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Tom Alexander

Thank you for noting that Unbreakable is Shyamalan's best film -- agreed with all you say about it. Most of his films have the "bad" twist ending problem: the ending negates everything that went before (Sixth Sense, Village, also Usual Suspects, Jacob's Ladder, etc). Unbreakable is the one that has a twist that rethinks all that went on prior (as do the twists in all the films you mention). Bravo (as usual)!


twist and shouts.

the ususal suspects, Singer.
the game, Fincher.
seven, Fincher.
the prestige, Nolan
memento, Nolan
nine queens, Bielinsky
sleuth, Mankiewicz
jade, Friedkin



so why isnt usual Suspects considered a twist ending??


I've never understood the growing hatred of Shyamalan. I've enjoyed everyone of his movies except for Lady in the Water. (I have yet to see The Happening.)

But regardless of how you, or anyone, may feel about his plotting, I think that you have to give him credit for making beautiful pictures. In my mind, he's one of the only viable, new filmmaker's today who knows how to actually shoot a movie.

Even if you despise the plot, you can't help but be taken in by the movies themself; if you let yourself experience it, rather than trying to out-think him.

I find that totally refreshing, especially in this day and age of the quick cut, the out of focus shot, and the growth of digital video with it's feeble attempt to justify poorly shot movies and all around sloppy filmmaking. Flash, effects and laziness now take the place of any real cinematic style and sense of the moving picture as narrative.

Not to mention, his use of an actual score equally refreshing when soundtracks are chocked full of whatever one-hit wonder the studio-owned record company is trying to push down our throats.


Ditto on Unbreakable.

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