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Sweet '71 Torino! Factory-equipped 351 Cleveland version?

I'm pretty sure I've shot photos of my Model A at that same location.

Adam R

Awesome, awesome news! I'll definitely have to pick up that issue (especially with Dita in it). That exterior pic of your car could be the artwork on the reverse of your solo LP, with the track listings on the lower left.

Sean O'Hara

That picture makes it look like you're in a codependent relationship with a mentally unstable man with whom you're about to embark on a tristate killing spree.

I mean that in a good way.

Tom Alexander

Incredible list -- is there anything more cinematic than driving a car? I don't think so. The windshield is the screen, the movement is outside and the conflict and drama is inside. Mad Max: more of a "car" movie than The Road Warrior, but sorry Road Warrior is the better film.

And you are missing what is perhaps my favourite automobile film: Repo Man. Cars, punks, Estevez -- and Harry Dean Stanton. HARRY DEAN STANTON!


It does indeed have the 351 Cleveland.

Can I drive your car?

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