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What an amazing compliment you've paid me. I couldn't be happier about the link, or more gratified that the post struck a chord with you. I am still savoring your earlier tribute to John Garfield, another whose career should have been longer. I don't get why any real movie fan, from either side of the aisle, would defend the blacklist. How can you not wish there were more Garfield, more Dassin?

If you're working off a good mad-at-the-world there's no one like Lawrence Tierney. My favorite line about him came from surlyh, who often comments at my place: "he was hard-boiled reading the newspaper."

D Cairns

Great stuff -- the Dietrich book looks adorable.
I'm yelling all over the blogosphere about Dassin's European films, which asides from Rififi are woefully underrated. The blacklist didn't stop him, in a weird way it seems to have energized his work into a whole new direction (not to everybody's taste, but worth a look).


I just had my copy of Dietrich's ABC out the other day. Indispensable stuff. "KISSES: Don't waste them. But don't count them."


Funny how the pic of Vanishing Point has the driver in a Torino?

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