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raymond anderson

Your piece made me reflect on my confused reactions to the working women in the TV series Mad Men airing in the UK currently.

As for an actress playing a working woman, Jennifer Jason Leigh's role in Rush never fails to amaze me.

I was also reading about Shelley Winters role in The Young Savages opposite Burt Lancaster last night. Really need to see that one and give it a chance. Bad reviews pah!

Erich Kuersten

Bravo! I love all these hot corporate bitchez. I'd like to nominate THE WASP WOMAN for honorable mention. Susan Cabot is great as CEO of a mascara empire who uses her own middle-aged but still beautiful face to try out a revolutionary royal jelly wrinkle-removing formula. The best part is how her all male executive staff patronizes and belittles her when she's middle age, then when she turns young again they all flirt and grovel and make double the asses of themselves. Not to worry, by night Cabot dons her low budget wasp mask and doles out honey dripping vengeance.


When I was a kid, Roz Russel in His Girl Friday was my hero. I still daydream about throwing myself into journalism, mostly because of that role. Of course, I'd quit as soon as I saw Cary Grant wasn't working alongside me... Jennifer Jason Leigh doing her spitfire Roz Russel impression in The Hudsucker Proxy never fails to amuse either.

Other favourites; Frances McDormand in Fargo, Debbie Reynolds in Singin' In The Rain. Reynolds is an odd choice, sure. But I love the part where she ticks off the insufferable Gene Kelly in the car before moments later having to sing and dance to "All I Do Is Dream Of You" in front of him. I say LOVE, when I really mean it makes me squirm. She's embarrassed and irritated, he's condescending...yeah.


Is it wrong that I hate "The Apartment"? Am I missing something? Am I an empty shell?


I do love Doris Day in Pillow Talk and Lover Come back. Of course, she is only an interior decorator or ad-man because she hasn't found a man to marry and have children with yet.
I can only imagine how much fun Dorothy Parker had around Robert Benchly, George S. Kaufman, and Alexander Woolcott. (until they drank themselves to death)

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