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You know how it is, Kim. People wanna put their actors and directors in boxes. This is an Adam Sandler movie that isn't an Adam Sandler movie, and it's a PTA movie that isn't a PTA movie. If people don't wanna know, you can't tell 'em...


"That's that!"

I frakking love that movie.


So glad you clarified about "Barkleys." Otherwise I might have had to grab my walker and head over for a word with you. :)


Hi, I´m 23 years old and from stockholm, sweden. Just gotta say, I love this blog. You've got great taste in movies and not only that - you write really good. And judging by your musiclinks - great taste in music too! I mean, Andre Williams!!

Just wanted do say that. Positive things should always be expressed :)


Agreed! But no mention of Phillip Seymour Hoffman? He's Daniel Plainview, contemporized!

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