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Erich Kuersten

Nice reportage, Kim! Good point about la Diablito. And how about the smarmy Ethan Coen facial expressions? And the last thanks of the night being for Rudin's life partner? All good stuff. Make art!

Sean O'Hara

You aren't crazy -- Amy Adams really was that annoying. I know she was playing a Disney Princess, but does that mean she has to act like a Snow White from Disneyland?

But I thought the best Jon Stewart joke was after Once won, "They were backstage, and Hansard said, 'Hey, let's make our Oscars kiss,' and she said, 'But they're both men,' and he said, 'That's okay, this is Hollywood.'" It was also one of the few ad-libbed lines, which is probably why it was so funny.

The worst moment of the night -- Cameron Diaz presenting the Best Cinematography award -- not only couldn't she pronounce the name of the category, but it was clear she had no idea what Sunrise was when she talked about it. Reminded me that the Anna Farris character in Lost in Translation was based upon her.


Just wondering why Tilda Swinton (and others) seemed to forget to put on their red carpet make-up. All I'm asking for is a little mascara, lipgloss, blush...


Kim, although I have nearly always agreed with you, in your comment about Amy Adams you sorta showed your Roeper side. The whole idea behind the film ENCHANTED and the performance of the song "Happy Working Song" was to parody the whole Disney Princess/Snow White genre. If Amy Adams decided to do as a Whitney Houston number I think it would've lost that thing that got it a nomination.

Sometimes we should just sit back watch a thing just for it's... thing, and not try to be overly critical.

Felix Vasquez Jr.

Oh come on, you hated her hipster dialogue but was disappointed by her short cliche speech? Did you want her to be hip about it? I'm one of the others who loved "Juno" and am glad it received so many accolades. "Atonement" on the other hand was a dead fish in a big pond from the get go. I disagree about the Best Moment, though. Stewart calling the co-singer to "Falling Slowly" up to the podium to give her acceptance speech after being rudely interrupted was the best moment of the night.

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