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Rick Olson

God, Kim, you write about Ledger beautifully. Thank you.

I'll always remember him as Billy Bob Thornton's son in "Monster's Ball". I'm the father of a son about the age of his character, and watching the interactions of Ledger and Thornton, I was filled with regret, guilt, recognition ...

Again, great piece.

Ilsa Lund

So beautiful. Yesterday I was in shock to learn that one of the most talented young actors had died; today I'm wondering how his legacy will live on, how he'll be remembered. I can only imagine that this is how people felt in September of 1955 when James Dean's life came to a crashing, burning and surprising end. When The Dark Knight comes out to theaters, I almost fear the melancholy that I know is inevitable, for he'll still steal the movie, but not with his performance.

Heath will be remembered the most as conflicted cowboy Ennis in Brokeback Mountain, but yesterday after hearing The News I sat down and watched the underrated (if somewhat shallow on reevaluation) 10 Things I Hate About You for the first time since I was in high school, back when I watched and loved films for pleasure and not for their art. While the film's flaws were more painfully obvious this time around, Heath Ledger's natural charm and self-confidence still carried its power. Though he mostly took on dramatic roles (to poignant results), his comedic timing and easy-going swagger almost reminds someone of a young Cary Grant, and it's a shame that he didn't play more comedies. We'll never know all that could've been, but at least we can remember all that truly was.

Pete Bogs

Kim, you ought to check out Heath in "Candy," which didn't get a big US release, but is on DVD... Heath's a junkie who, along with his girlfriend Candy, slowly throws his life away... very compelling and disturbing throughout...

if I can see "I Stand Alone" based on your recommendation, you can see this one!

Edward GarGur

Just Beautiful, Kim.

jane doe

Thank you, Kim Morgan. You've articulated why I can't quit him.

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