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Happy New Year!

Great pick with IL POSTO. One of my favorite films of all time.

Brian Miller

Happy New Year Kim !!!!

I love your writing, Kim. You are the most passionate movie critic I've read. Good Luck in the desert although I have to ask: what exactly does one do in the Mohave desert around the beginning of the New Year ???

marc w

and don't forget The Poseidon Adventure! The most harrowing New Years of them all!

Erich K.

Happy New Year to you! Nice, gritty delvings as usual. New Years will never be the same again.

P.S. I had that crazed new years Grant-Hepburn thing with you, Kim, for a hot minute. It's all about when the credits roll, I reckon; either side of the stage, let's wish 2008 a good one for both of us and all the sinners in between. xoxo


Happy New Year Kim...

I totally forgot about the New Years stuff in Sunset Blvd. I love the movie but it still creeps me out.

If you get a chance to dig up the film noir Repeat Performance do. It's a great little film. I think they're screening it at the SF Noirfest soon.

I hope all is well...

And don't be a stranger to the Noir of the Week blog...

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