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Joe Valdez

Another black and white classic I haven't seen. I don't know, Kim, it kind of sounds like "Mommie Dearest" and something that a heterosexual male would have a difficult time sitting through. Your review made me laugh out loud, though. Great article!


The more I think about The Bad Seed the more I realize how much I do enjoy it. Though I have to admit it didn't do much to alleviate my distrust of young children.

Kim, I'm a little surprised you didn't mention Eileen Heckart's part as the...shall we say slightly inebriated mother of Claude Daigle. I'm not sure why but her performance really stuck with me.

Joe, I can assure you that as a heterosexual male I had no trouble sitting through the movie. You should seriously give it a shot.

Pete Bogs

it was said that the Hays Code would allow for much bad behavior throughout a film, provided the final reel provided some comeuppance or lessons learned by the bad guys... it sounds like this is what dictated the film's not-in-the-play ending... it's a shame but it doesn't sound like it ruins the film... I'll have to check it out...

Erich Kuersten

Kim you've written so much on this film, you should put it all together for a book, like one of those BFI film classics series.

All us weird web writers could do one - the Cult Classics Series. BFI, are you listening?

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