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Actually I think the big controversy of the new dvd is that it DOESN'T contain both versions of the film but only the unrated version, even though it is listed on the back cover.

Joe Valdez

I'm a big fan of Eyes Wide Shut as well, Kim. I find it amusing that a lot of the critics who panned this movie on its release didn't even have jobs when Kubrick's previous film was released. Or maybe it just demands multiple viewings for the different layers of the story to really sink in. Kubrick's visual command, as well as his challenge to the integrity of marriage, blow me away.

Adam Ross

As a big fan of EWS, I was really pleased with the new Kubrick box set and the great new edition of this movie. Like I said in my review, the new "uncensored" orgy scene makes that mansion sequence even more memorable, and the decision by Kubrick to hide its more graphic moments for American audiences all the more confusing.

I can think of only one "covered up" shot that the MPAA would have really frowned on, but as a whole it didn't seem very obscene. I love how everyone keeps their masks on through the evening -- was that a nod toward America's sexual state, with identity a more important cover-up than, well, anything else?

Pete Bogs

I am hoping this is like Kubrick's other films for some - in that after a few years they start to realize how great it is... it took me a full decade to appreciate FMJ, and now I see it as a masterpiece...


I've always loved "Eyes Wide Shut." It's a perfect "Kubrick film" in the best sense, and it's a fitting final film for the master, in my opinion.

Kidman's final line is perfect and reveals the film to be one big dark comedy, no matter what we might have thought during the journey on which it led us.

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