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Will Errickson

Baudelaire? Really? Oh, man. Thanks for the heads up.

chas speed

Did anybody catch the uncut letterboxed version of "These are the Damned" on TCM this week.


That creepy kid in "Pet Semetary" was a good one. When he came back as a greasy haired zombie and cut the achilles tendon? Ow!

The dead brother in "Salem's Lot." Shit, now that was a jolt for a ten year old! Scratching at the window, gazing with those eyes. Creepy shit.

Elizabeth and Virginia in "Spider Baby" were horribly frightening. They were angelic and pretty, and so damn evil. I still can't get over the sight of Jill Banner dicing on the mail man at the window.


The two semi-translucent, photo-sensitive kids from Amenebar's 2001 scare-builder The Others are worthy of your list. For psychological damage it's a toss up between their shut-in existences, their fear of their own home or the total dominance of their neurotic mother. Either way, it's extraordinarily creepy.

Sean O'Hara

I don't know whether I'd count the teenaged girls in Don't Deliver Us from Evil and Pretty Poison as children. Dropping them would make room for Jodie Foster in The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane.

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