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Dr. Mojo Rison

They don't shoot 'em like that anymore. He may have even been at Winterland in '76.

I've always said ... digital killed the photojournalist.

Can you imagine Karsh or Feininger in today's jpeg mentality or Weston or Adams lugging an iCamera thru The Great American West?

They don't even make lenses like they used to.

Speaking of vinyl, I love the smell of fixer in the morning.

Vitez Takacs

I recently saw a beautiful documentary film called "Torn From The Flag", which is about the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. This is actually the last film Laszlo ever worked on - he was the Executive Producer and Director of Photography. This is one of my favorite movies and is a must-see film for anyone of Hungarian descent or who loves and appreciates Laszlo’s work!

Vitez Takacs

Here is the link to "Torn From The Flag":
I just loved the documentary, and even thought I'm Hungarian (like Laszlo Kovacs himself) I think any person who sees this film will leave enriched by this historical and artistic documentary!

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