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Excellent list, Kim!

The Dead Trilogy is so fucking great. Land of the Dead just gets no love.


That "Dead or Alive" trailer is the shit. Awesome that you included Takashi Miike in this list. Even more extra points for you.


Good list, Kim. :)

I'd also be inclined to include the Back to the Futuremovies as a top 10 movie trilogy, but I'm not sure which of these I would take out to make room for it.


Note to self: get Kim Morgan drunk, mention Ewoks.

No love for the Alien trilogy? I'm shocked! Nice to see Romero get some props though.

And thanks for reminding me how much I love Three Colors: Red.


1. My favorite sequence of Evil Dead II is where Ash starts dancing with the furniture.

2. Congratulations Kim, you're one of the two people on the face of this Earth who doesn't hate Godfather 3. My mom is the other one.

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