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Kim, wonderfully observed and written, as always. You're my movie goddess.


Great interpretation, Kim. Great movie, great actress. You're right about her later and (especially) early performances. She stole scenes from the best of 'em - Joan Crawford, Cary Grant, Groucho Marx. That's an amazing training ground.

Today's young actors don't get the chance, it seems, to develop. It's the same way in the music biz - or in the world in general, I suppose. The focus is on early success at any cost. Eep!


Thank you for this, and for posting on They Live By Night. Two of my favorite films and two i would tape most times they were on for buds who hadn't seen 'em yet.

Others---Of Mice & Men (1939), Japanese War Bride (King Vidor), Park Row.

...and John Wayne in both The Shepherd of the Hills & Angel and the Badman for the poetry of his line readings.

lyric kinda films, i thought.

Monroe (and Widmark & Bancroft) in Don't Bother To Knock stays with me, like Kim Novak in Man with the Golden Arm; something "real" there...hard won.

laura linger

Still my absolute favorite performance from Marilyn, before she was really a NAME. She had the makings of a marvelous, nuanced actress, and she gave an incredible performance here.

Love your blog...can I put you on my blogroll at Sack Of Monkeys In My Pocket? You're our kind of people.

Marvelous film to review (I'd be interested in your take on it): 1960's Strangers When We Meet, starring Kirk Douglas, Kim Novak (another fave of mine), Barbara Rush, and Walter Matthau (in a performance that one must see to believe).

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