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Are people STILL harping on Fonda's Hanoi Jane moment?

Get over it, people, she's bold for doing what she did. The Vietnam war was a massive waste of time, just like the Iraq war, let's move on with our lives to more important issues.

As for Fonda, I love her, she's a great actress.

My favorite film from her has to be Barbarella.

As for Ms. Fonda, I admire her, I wish we had more rebels like her in this modern time. Ms. Fonda did a great thing posing with the enemy.

She's not a xenophobe. Good for her!


"celebrate her legacy? are you joking? kim morgan-remember that name and never read his/her tripe again."

This was a joke, right? Are you kidding me?

I say we celebrate her legacy again and again.

Don't worry Kim, I got yo back.


Jane Fonda seems to be one of those people, seemingly so often women, that seems to have come of age in the wrong time. The world wasn't ready for a woman like her in the sixties.

Of course, if she hadn't come along when she did, where might we be now? I suppose it boils down to this: It doesn't matter so much when Jane came along, but that she did - and thank God it was during my lifetime...

K Byrne

Jane is one of the few people who walked it like she talked it.
The American Rightwing blowhards have used the image of this former pin up girl, a child of Hollywood Babylon at that anti-aircraft gun, to help ensure that working class people won't realize how they got suckered into fighting the Vietnam war. It must be remembered that while she was (however thoughtlessly and ill advisedly) posing in her helmet, those ruling this country had already conceded that the war was lost. See Robert McNamarra in The Fog of War. Read the Nixon Kissinger conversation transcripts. Yet no one is desecrating Tricky Dick's grave, or screaming for Dr. K's head.

Jane, who has reached out, and apologized to veterans for years, had the temerity to stand up politically, while being a woman. In the eyes of some fools, that in itself is an unpardonable sin. Their Barbarella fantasy doll did not OBEY.


Whoa. A simple tribute to an uncommonly talented actress, who has repeatedly apologized for the sins of the past, draws 16 pages (at last count) of shrieking hysteria and naked misogyny. Thanks for not letting it get to you. You have real backbone, Ms. Morgan. If you have not seen it already, I am attaching a link to Rick Perlstein's carefully balanced review of Mary Hershberger's Jane Fonda's War.

I must admit to liking Fonda in "Walk on the Wild Side." Her tarty performance gives the movie some much-needed zest. I find her a bit irritating in "Barefoot in the Park," but her reporter in "The China Syndrome" is a fine, restrained performance that helps keep matters from tilting into dull polemic.

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