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I'm with you on this, Kim. A couple of things:

The cardinal rule of movie reviewing is, Review the movie you the film maker made, not the movie you wanted the film maker to make. Dave?

Also, what is film - or any art, for that matter - but an artist saying, "This is what I think about that - oh, and look what I can do!" Tarantino does spades. Not everything has to be deep all the time. Pop songs are mindless, but they do what they're supposed to do. We don't expect them to be symphonies, nor do we want them to be. What's rare is the artist that can produce both good pop and good serious work. Tarantino can do both - when he wants.

Let Quentin do what he chooses, then sit back and enjoy. He'll do something different next time. As they say about the weather in Texas, if you don't like it at the moment, wait a few minutes and it'll change.


hey there - not trying to fish for a war, but when you say: "like some other "inspired" filmmakers, simply copying Terrence Malick or Martin Scorsese or Robert Altman" - specifically for the first name, are you thinking of david gordon green?


I sincerely hope you plan to do more point/counterpoint articles- that was fantastic. You talk movies like.



No, I didn't mean David Gordon Green (though I can now kind of see how it might read that way). Anyway, I love David Gordon Green--I even love "Undertow."

I really just mean that so many filmmakers (and film students) are "inspired" by those directors.

No wars!


i was hoping you would say that, actually - 'undertow' is a fantastic film. both green and paul schneider freely admit their admiration for malick, and do it well. in fact, i think he's a producer on 'undertow.

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