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I hate when you recommend movies that I can't find available on vhs or dvd. Now I'll have to wait until June (if it's not pushed back further) before I see 'They Live By Night', unless I go with a sketchy bootleg I see on ebay. Just another movie to build up to impossibly high expectations in my mind until I finally see them. I hope it exceeds or at least meets them...I love when that happens.


Link Wray epitomizes what rock 'n' roll is all about. All you need is a guitar, bass, and drums--turn it up, play it loud, and make it snarl. I love this stuff. May God have mercy on my ear drums. Rock on, Link!!


You'd better watch out...if you're labelled "pro-ana", you may soon find yourself embroiled in a feud with Rosie O'Donnell.

Wait, I'd love that. Carry on, please!


"Psycho Anorexic Ingenue" - Good band name, Kim...I might use it.

I've always thought Billy Zane hasn't gotten the breaks he deserves. He's a great actor. Actually, "Dead Calm" is an interesting movie to study: Billy hadn't yet put on the muscle he added for "The Phantom," and Nicole hadn't yet had her nose fixed. Sam? Eh, he's still the same ol' Sam...

Peter Nellhaus

I convinced everyone else at the Northwest Film Study Center to screen They Live By Night when Nick Ray visited Portland, Oregon in early 1973. Not a lot of people came, but those who did loved the film. Ray was shaken when I mentioned to him that Robert Altman was in the process of filming his remake, Thieves Like Us.

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