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I dig what your laying down, chickie baby. This flick just plain swings. It's one of those films that is truly of its time, even though it's a remake of a film of a different time.

I think this remake of a true classic works because they reworked it into a musical. These days, this would've first been translated to Broadway as a musical, then they'd film it and it would stink. Maybe skipping the Broadway step is the key...hmmm.


OMG -- I heart this movie. (You and I agree a lot. . .it's kind of weird. . .like, on very specific thing. . .like REPULSION and GREY GARDENS. . .) I can play "True Love" on the piano, and I think of the movie (naturally) ever time. Mmmm:~)


I used to be the a major "High Society" basher for all the reasons you stated but after a recent viewing I'm moving over to your side. Once you stop hating Grace Kelly for not being Katharine Hepburn, it's easier to appreciate how perfectly cast she is in that part. Kelly was born in Philadelphia to an upper crust society family, she basically IS Tracy Lord. I just wish they tweaked the script a bit more and didn't include long word-for-word chunks of dialogue from "The Philadelphia Story" that forces us to compare performances. I guess in 1956 it didn't matter so much but now in the age of videos and DVDs the first film is burned into our memories. Remakes need to respect that and switch it up a bit. But the musical numbers are very fun, I'm also a big fan of "Well Did you Evah."

Here's a question I always wondered about. All the characters have the same names in both films except for one: Tracy's little sister is named Dinah in "The Philadelphia Story" and Caroline in "High Society." Did they change the name to avoid comparisons between lackluster Lydia Reed with the brilliant scene-stealing Virginia Weidler?

Fer Men

Hello, arrived here looking for some material on High Society which I have always valued much more than every critic I´ve read. It´s been a pleasure to see this same opinion expressed by you in such a thorough, unbiased, professional and friendly way. Thanks.

sharon corner

thank you! I love High Society, it is my favorite movie and although PS is cute, this movie is charming and witty and fun to sing with! Grace Kelly is a riot, her range in this movie is hysterical!

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