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I saw "Pretty Poison" on cable a few months ago. It's a great movie that was way ahead of its time. My first thought after it was over was, "Boy, I wonder how audiences of the late sixties liked that? They probably didn't know what hit 'em."

Dennis Cozzalio

Kim: PRETTY POISON was a huge movie for my wife and I when we were dating (moment of hushed silence)... No, no, it wasn't like that. It played twice at the New Beverly around 1990-1992, and we caught both shows. This is definitely one of the templates for the whole "beautiful small-town world is not what it seems" worldview that Lynch so artfully expanded upon in BLUE VELVET. Which is not to discount PRETTY POISON's originality and audacity. And we also loved the hokey MASH (TV Version)-esque score by Johnny Mandel too. I bought this on a PAL DVD a year or so ago, so of course now it's out in America. Oh, well, at least it's out. Thanks for highlighting a terrific movie, though knowing your tastes it seemed like only a matter of time!


I also like Tuesday in "Who'll Stop the Rain?" Ray Hicks fell for her, & so did I, smack & all.

Jesse T

Pretty Poison was shot in my hometown of Gt. Barrington Mass. The opening scene of Perkins watching Weld do a cheer on a hill is a favorite of my dad and i, who drive past that spot nearly every day. It was an intensely circulated bootleg around my school, and now it's freakin awesome that it's finally on dvd so more people can see this gem, not just cult movie fans and residents of GB. It's Perkins' other best movie besides Psycho.

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