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The socks, the glasses, and at about 2:30 into the video, what looks like a huge glass bottle of Coke - awww, the 60s...


So what was the name of the band?


Knew you'd love On Dangerous Ground, Kim. It knocked me out too. Gritty, poetic, romantic...and, like Out of the Past, oddly uplifting.

You rock, babe.

Check out Allan Dwan's The River's Edge. It'll surprise you.
Also try to find Four Faces West. Joel McCrea & Frances Dee in a western of simple lyric beauty, peopled with folks of amazing deceny (not a shot fired!). Never mawkish -- heartfelt & sincere.

My current wish list:

Chimes at Midnight
Stars in My Crown
The Sun Shines Bright
The Lusty Men
History is Made at Night
The Unknown
Wagon Master
Leave Her to Heaven
Portrait of Jennie

Also looking forward to The Naked Spur coming soon.

PS: I love Gram Parsons, but it's Gene Clark whom I can't live without.

Panic attack in the desert?

Adam R

Robert Ryan belongs to that long-gone age of actors (along with Steve McQueen and Robert Mitchum) who were at their best when they weren't speaking, and could easily convey a sense of dread or malice with their smile, which on the surface initially seems genuine. I just caught "Bad Day at Black Rock" and loved how Ryan's character got so much joy out of his wicked actions.

Obsessed with film

The review of On Dangerous Ground was right on target.
Since authoring my book, Robert Ryan: A Biography And Critical Filmography, I have recently had time to search the web for reviews of his movies.
Any comments on his other gems, such as Caught, The Woman On The Beach, and so on?
These and many others are on DVD from Amazon.Fr.
I would like to hear others comment on Ryan the man. They don't make actors like him anymore, that's so true. His range as an actor was amazing, and he was able to do any role, unlike many others who can only do one role well.
His speaking voice and diction were excellent. I have all of his spoken works I think, including The Red Badge Of Courage on audio tape, O'Henry's "The Last Leaf" and "The Gift Of The Maji," on long play records, and several other records on which he narrated, which are virtually impossible to acquire now. I even have a copy of the original master track from On Dangerous Ground.

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