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Dennis Cozzalio

I've got my ticket to Grauman's Chinese for the 7:40 SNAKES show Saturday night, but until then...

Yeah, it was downright weird how critics seemed to misread Anaconda, and almost willfully, it seemed. But come on, how could you not know the movie and everyone in it knew exactly what they were doing when Voight gets barfed up and then (this wasn't my imagination, was it?) he virtually winks at the camera?!!

My favorite moment from The Swarm has to be when Widmark quite seriously tells of how the killer bees will (and I'm sure I'll misquote this) "call upon their friends, swarms of other killer bees, to help them attack us." Him characterizing these lethal creatures as having little buddies who would come to their aid cracked me up and helped ease the depression of sitting through the rest of the movie!

I haven't seen Lake Placid, but you make it sound enticing. And I am VERY ashamed to admit I've never seen Empire of the Ants, though I have seen the other A.I.P. animals-gone-amok movie that was released around the same time, Bert I. Gordon's The Food of the Gods, which really must be experienced firsthand. You've got Ida Lupino and Marjoe Gortner in the same movie running away from giant chickens, for God's sake!

And finally, speaking of John Sayles, have you ever seen Alligator? Now there's genuinely good B-movie rip-off of Jaws, and I think it's in a class with Piranha. It's a really smart, fun movie, visually, effects-wise, casting-wise (Robert Forster, Robin Riker, Henry Silva!) and directorial smarts-wise (it was helmed by Lewis Teague, who also did Cujo). And it's not on DVD, as far as I can tell. Um... rats!


You left off my fave:
"Night of the Lepus" (1972)

From what I remember seeing this as a child, it's a TV movie about science run amok and giant mutant bunny rabbits gone wild. It has a perfect 70s TV movie cast - Paul Fix, Rory Calhoun, Stuart Whitman, DeForest Kelley, and Janet Leigh (who must've had a stern talking-to with her agent after this). I actually saw this DVD for sale yesterday at a media store, so it's easily available for those who care to revel in the cheese.

Adam R

If "Anaconda" has one redeeming moment, it's Jon Voight's wink at the end . . .just perfect.

Since you're a car nut, I can't believe you didn't mention Tippi's lustful Aston Martin DB2 in The Birds, there were probably 20 left-hand drive convertible DB2s ever made and one was in The Birds!


Insightful and thorough review of Snakes and other creatures which attack.


Attack of the Killer Tomatoes...ok, not an animal, but one of my fave stupid-premise-attack movies ever.

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