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Robert Kirkpatrick

Please, you (or someone! anyone!) must tell me if one of these movies ends with the protagonists crashing into a train. I remember seeing a car chase movie in the theater as a little kid in the early 70's, and that one image has haunted me forever -- but I never knew the name of the movie.

And thanks for one of the coolest blogs around.

joe mccarthy

Robert you are right it was Dirty Mary crazy larry for the train wreck at the end , also I was wondering how you missed the great movie Hot Rod or known as rebel off the road for your great list here ? This movie was in 1979. This movie made smokey and the bandit look like driving miss daisy ?


Nice list of films there , I'd just like to add that there are a few films worth mentioning.

The Hot One - Very hard movie to find , there is another film of the same name so be careful when trying to find it ... this one is about some college kids that buy a scrap Stringray (if I remember rightly) and restore it only to have it stolen ... anyway to cut a long story short the film ends up with a nice chase involving said stingray and the bad guys pontiac firebird (again if i remember correctly).

Hot Rod - Well all I can say is what a fantastic film , again hard to get but if you haven't seen it then you really need to.

California Kid - Another must see , bad cop with soupped up patrol car with ram bars rules the roads until dead kids brother turns up in a rather splendid hot rod ... again a must see if you haven't seen it.

3 absolute classics there , definately worth considering .. they'd definately be in my top 10 anyway.



Keith Demko

Great list ... I would only add "The Getaway" (the original with Steve McQueen, of course, not that suckass remake with a Baldwin)

Adam R

Rockatansky is actually Max's last name, not his nickname in the movie. Cool list.

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