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Tracy Dawson

Love your list. I just love it when hot rods become movie stars []. That way, you can still go back to the film to see your fave car over and over again.


what about Fast and the Furious 1+2, Driven, Initial D?


Also worth mentioning is RENDEZVOUS, a revered short film by Claude Lelouch consisting of a 9-minute take of a high-speed death defying drive through the open streets of Paris. The soundtrack is just the wail of the engine, squealing tires and the roar of the exhaust.


omg, I have a hot hot jpg of James Taylor from Two Lane, that I keep revolving on my laptop pictures...*sigh*. Sooooo hot. And I'm a lesbo, natch.


Gee, 1968 to 1979, never have I seen a reviewers prejudices revealed so plainly.

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