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Dustin Michael Harris

Kim, I liked your Oscar review a lot. I agreed in many places.

However, I think Ben Stiller pulled off a humliating joke where as you seem to think he fell in it. He knew he was being an ass and so did the audience, and he got the laughs.

It wasn't "cool" in any sense of the word but that's what made it daring. Tomlin and Streep were armed with the best material Bruce Vilanch (a humorless idiot if there ever was one) could write, and that's why it took such acting chops to make that bit work.

You're right, they are great actresses, but funnier than Ferrell, Carrell and Stiller? Maybe Tomlin on her best day, but never Streep - she's just an actress.


Kim, great oscar review.


I met Lily Tomlin a couple of weeks ago & fell in love. No airs, no pretense--totally real. Her naturalness made her incredibly attractive.


PS: My latest film re-discovery: Robert Aldrich's "Vera Cruz"--a noirish western with Coop & Lancaster. Filmed in Mexico. Peckinpah's "The Wild Bunch" probably has some roots in this one.


I was irritated by George Clooney's tribute to "progressive" Hollywood, when he spoke of Hattie McDaniel's Oscar win in 1940. What he failed to mention, no doubt because he didn't know, was that when McDaniel won, the "progressive" Hollywood types had her seated at the back of the auditorium, right by the kitchen doors. Doesn't sound so great to me. For you to applaud Clooney's statement for a major news site without checking it out was really irresponsible.


Aside from some great performances, "Crash" was--in my opinion--a piece of shit. Like "The Constant Gardener", it struck me as pretentious garbage with emotional special effects. Give me the eloquent simplicity of "Brokeback Mountain" or even the directness & honesty of "Red Eye" over such overblown film fare any day


I think Nicole Kidman actually looked great, too. That was a gorgeous gown she was wearing.

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