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Have you ever seen the movie TALES OF ORDINARY MADNESS? I think it captures perfectly the grotesque and vulgar beauty Bukowski was all about ...


You had me until "Bono even reads poetry", and then I had to punch my monitor.

I bet he wore wicked cool shades though!

Urge to punch...rising...

Bruce Hodder

A great, intelligent overview with many uncomfortable truths in it for those who tout Bukowski's writing and dismiss everything else. His influence spreads to the poetry scene where every other small press poet imitates his rhythms and assumes his prejudices. Which makes the poetry magazines really boring these days.


Baby, go here...

i like your article, but i need more depth...

i know. it's really not about the man or "men" or anything for that matter, it's simply about the movie, but don't you wish that it isn't?

for more on dysfunctional creativity, meet me on the astral plane.
yours truly,
the crown prince of au revoir

p.s. "pablo picasso was an asshole..." jonathan richman and the modern lovers

leigh cooney

You're a moron. You want to pull out a TS Elliot book to ward off these geeks? Take a look at yourself bud. What a lame excuse to show everyone that you are no longer THAT into bukowski now that he's "popular." You're into TS Elliot!!! And if TS Elliot becomes the next big thing, will you no longer carry around TS Elliot books? Those so called geeks carry that book around to make a point about their cool factor. All you're doing is saying that you want to do the same thing (which its quite possible you do, by pulling out literature you consider more "underground" when there is someone around you want to impress. Stop begging for cool street literature credibility poser boy. Read if thats what you enjoy, and leave others to read what they enjoy, and realize that you're one of them at some point. As was I, as were the rest of us.

Print that, if you're so self assured...

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