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Why'd you take down the first picture? A hot chick leaning on a hot car against a blue sky, a beautiful sight. Is there a calendar in the works we should know about? Make that one November.

Jeffrey K

The English blogger Mark Holland vacationed there last summer and stayed in the "Gram Parsons room." He writes about it here:


I don't know what I want more--you or your car.

Damn Girl!


You look so pretty....How are you related with Parson???


I stayed in Gram's room in the summer of '01 on my move back to the South after living in San Francisco for 3 years with my (ex) wife. I was drinking that night... of course... and playing Gram Parson and the Fallen Angels Live album. Gram was telling the story of how he "almost" lost his life on Truck Driving Man. At that part of the track... it just kept skipping over and over. I stopped it and started it again and the cd played fine. There were no scratches on the cd either. Freaky coincidence maybe.

I listen to all kinds of music... but Gram's music will always hold a special place with me. It's what reconnected me with my Southern-ness and made me feel proud of my Southern heritage.

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