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This sounds like a direct response to the Jeff Wells piece on Hollywood Elsewhere, "King of the Empties". Although I agree with you in theory, I have to admit I do let personal characteristics affect whether or not I'll watch a movie, but not badmouth outright. Lots of people do it, Russell Crowe was blamed for the Box Office failure of "Cinderella Man" because of his phone-throwing incident. Even though he gave a good performance.


First, AWESOME pic of Wooderson. Second, I can't say I've been aware of much McConaughey hate lately (or his films, for that matter). When I do see a trailer for Two For the Money, some rom-com, or Sahara, I do feel disappointed and aggravated. I've told friends for years that McConaughey-as-Wooderson is one of the best comedic performances of the Nineties. Yet that was some 12-13 years ago. He was handed this amazing opportunity with all the hype surrounding him as the "young unknown" in A Time to Kill (which I never saw) but since then he just keeps taking one crap role after another. I wouldn't presume to know how/why he chooses these roles, but can say there was a time when I really expected much more from the man who gave us Wooderson.


Hey, Kim,

I was in high school in the '70s in Texas and, let me tell you, McConaughey's portrayal of Wooderson is perfect. I knew a Wooderson, only he rode a hog. He'd graduated a couple of years back and would show up on campus to scam on chicks and talk trash and ruminate about life...and scam on chicks.

Also, I'd always thought McConaughey was okay but not really an actor, until I saw "Amistad." In that film, he actually portrayed a character unlike Matthew McConaughey. He crafted an interesting performance. So, I say give the guy a break.


Aww.. I liked Sahara. (Mostly for Steven Zahn though... )

I liked this entry... I love it when you montage actors and movies with honest commentary. It was fun to read.


I think I love you.

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