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O. M. F. G.

I HEART THIS DOC. MORE THAN MY LIFE ITSELF--can I please have the Pathetic Loser Award?

I actually just discovered it, too.

I had NOOOO idea about the whole Jessica Lange/Drew Barrymore thing--WOW!

My favorite line: "This is the best thing to wear for the day, you understand."

LMAO--and like, some people think its exploitation, the whole thing. But I think if you REALLY see this film and know about it, about the relationship between the Maysles and the Beales, like, there's so much love there. And YOU really love the women--it's like you get to hang out with these awesome women for an hour and a half.


I love this film and I adore both Edies. I hate to even think about anyone trying to portray them in a movie, but Jessica Lange could pull it off; I agree with you on that point. NOT Drew Barrymore, however. She is simply too cutesy and I'll never get over knowing it's Drew Barrymore. The producers of the movie need to find someone else for that role.


LE: i'm not gonna get out of here til i die or she dies.

BE: who's "she"?

Carol Thomas

I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am to find this site. I am more excited about getting my hands on Staunch Character than about most anything else I can remember. I just read Lois Wright's book and it was perfect. I too watch Grey Gardens over and over and over. I feel the Edies are part of my heart now and I grieve over their demise as if they were family members. Thank you for your devotion and sharing with us. I am indebted to you. God bless you greatly. Jeannie Thomas from NC

Frank battaglia

I too love the whole Grey gardens mystique. I was fortuneate enough to have personally photographed Little Edie in 1978-79. My photos cajn be viewed at islandbreezearts.com
My photos may also be seen in near future in Staunch Character book.

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