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Great post again, Kim.

I'll be watching Warren in "The Parallax View" tonight. It's been a while.

Next month I'm going to seek out underrated films from the 80s (I mean, you never hear much about great "lost" 80s films). I'm going to start with Dennis Hopper's "Out of the Blue" & then Peter Yates' "Eyewitness". (Maybe an undiscovered gem? Haven't seen it yet.) Any suggestions?


Kevin Reynolds' "Fandango" is a great undiscovered 80's gem. So's his "The Beast," about a Russian tank crew lost in Afghanistan.

I still have to see "Ishtar," and I loathe "Bullworth," but so many others are great - "Parallax," "Shampoo" and especially "Reds." Peter Biskind has a great article in the new VF about the making of that movie, and supposedly his next book is a biography of Beatty, which should be pretty goddamn interesting.

Matt Love

I love the movie Ishtar, and I want to see it come out on DVD, with
lots of extra features, and also want the soundtrack to come out. I am
very encouraged that there are more and more Ishtar fans coming out of
the closet, and proudly and boldly proclaiming their affection for
this funny and clever movie. I think that Hoffman and Beatty are at
their best in this movie. While it was great to see them together
again in Dick Tracy, it's too bad that the movie did so poorly that a
sequel was forever out of the question. At least, to paraphrase
Humphrey Bogart in that other great desert classic, "We'll always have

If you feel the same way way I do about this under-appreciated
classic, please join my Yahoo group, "I Love Ishtar"

by sending an e-mail to

and lets get started!

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