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jane doe

God I love this post. It's an epinephrine cappuccino, and the last shots are dizzying.

Jack lane

1) if Cheap Trick is your idea of hep then you are not hep..its the same tunes those rich assholes in muscle cars you whine about listen to


You (above) are so very wrong about Cheap Trick. They fucking rock. Kim's just admitting to what she likes--which is cooler than yammering on about something like Elvis Costello. Yawn. Oh wait, you probably think Green Day invented punk rock.

And rich dudes in muscle cars think Social Distortion is "edgy." Yuck.

Go listen to you Blink 182, guy.


hey blow me. I am not one of those rich assholes kim talks about. (but I do drive a 68 super bee you fuck-hole subaru driving pansy.) if cheap trick were chuck norris they would deliver a roundhouse kick to your head and it would explode in a slurry of faggy twee music and low carb spritzer.


Oh my g-d! yes yes yes!
I saw a rare '68 for sale on craigslist recently and I instantly orgasmed and rushed to look at my bank account.
They are so THE HOT.

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