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I love your writing! So that's what it's like living in CA? I'll stick with the Chicago suburbs where your car gets towed by the police when you are caught sledding on private property. At least it was only $115.
Signs signs, everywhere a sign.....
To the poster above - Reinsdorf had a lot to do with the Sox winning. Support from the executive level gave the day to dayers the confidence and freedom to make the decisions that got them there.


Ummm, good luck with your crusade, Kim. Methinks you'll need it.


"Modern Romance" - it's about freakin' time it came out on DVD. A great movie from one of the funniest people alive!

Marino Pascal

Thanks for your kind comments.
We'll try to get you reimbursed.

(a Teamster)

Chris Gehrt

Defamer led me to this website and I came across 2 things I love,
Chicago White Sox and Bruckheimer.

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