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I was so heart broken when I saw about this!!At least he isn't suffering anymore,though!He is one of those celebrities,that I will always love,even though I didn't know him personally.One of my very favorite movies when I was a kid was The Toy.Of course,I got to appreciate his stand-up,as I got older.He was so influential to a whole generation of comedians,and he is sure to be,for coming generations forever!No one like this man will ever come by in this world again!!!He will be greatly missed...


Pryor fans and the uninitiated alike can go here:
and get free MP3's of some great routines, including his bit about monkeys and Eddie Murphy's great piece about him. It's all in the Audiofile page. You have to watch an add to get a pass to enter, but there's a good half hour of free Pryor just sitting there.


Just want you to are cool in my book,Harv!Hope I didn't sound like a dick!!Keep up the good work,Kim!I will be checking in to see what you have in store for 2006!Happy Holidays,everyone.I am out!!

Mr Gee

The funniest, the craziest, the most dangerous..... the best!!!

RIP Richard

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