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Cool review.I liked your comment about how it didn't satisfy your need for horror,gore,or deviant sexuality(in film!).That was some funny stuff!That's what I call some good old-fashioned,american fun(regarding film!!!)!


I feel like a dolphin who's never tasted melted snow. What does the color blue taste like? Bobo knows!

Anyway, that's disappointing news. I read a positive review and could not wait to see it. Now... I'm conflicted, utterly conflicted. It certainly sounds good. But what if it's bad? Hmm.


I know nothing,Harv,believe you me(that is what you may have been eluding to?)!I'm a novice on this site!!The regulars who visit this site seem to have crazy knowledge on the movies!I just check it out for Kim's really good reviews,and to get more educated on movies because I like them so much and I have a boring life!! I know I am the master of saying a lot,and saying very little at the same time!!I'll take a stab though:I guess blue tastes like windex,which tastes like burning!!Happy holidays everyone!!!


Nah. Actually, it's just a line from "Hudson Hawk" that seemed appropriate.


Very,good,then!I can appreciate a good movie line,except I'm usually the person that throws out a movie line,and people don't know what I'm talking about!!You got me!!You'll notice I threw in the little Ralphy reference in there,too.I swear,I feel like Martin Tupper,from HBO's Dream On,sometimes!I have a lot of nonsense in my head,things that will never be useful for anything...

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