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You've been impressing the hell out of me lately,Kim!More than usual.You keep on posting the multiple articles on the same day,and I've definitely noticed.I wish I had a fire under my ass to be that productive!Kudos,ma'am.You are the first person I've heard in a long time to refer to these moviestars as actresses,rather than actors.I guess there are two minds to that.They should maybe just be actors to show equality,but on the other hand it kind of harkens back to the glamourized days to call them actresses.Jolie is,in my opinion the most stunning "actress"out there today.Sure she is in some horrible movies,but she's great when she finds the right script(I still like her even if she really is with Mr.Pitt!).Jessica Lange is great,even though she doesn't do many movies anymore.She seems to be pretty selective,when she does movies,and she always seems good in them.I think she is one of those "actresses" that has aged very well.She is still very striking.Naomi Watts is a great one too.I think there was more depth to her character in 21 grams,though.I like some Lynch movies,but this wasn't one of my favs.There were two things that stuck out to me about this movie.One-Laura Harring's breasts(I'm not subjectifying women,just telling like it is!).I think they were the best pair I've ever seen in a real movie.The second-when Watt's character leaves Harring at her place,is walking out of the house, and says,"Bye,don't drink all the coke"(or something like that).That made me laugh my ass off!A killer line!!Enough of my shallow thoughts though.Great list and article,both of them.


Cool list! What about Linda Fiorentino in John Dahl's flic' The Last Seduction? That was a great role!


Hi Kim,

I love all the movies/actresses on your list. Just curious though.... why so many roles women with mental disorders (except Uma)?


The rest of the article link is no longer on MSN. I looked for where they moved it, but couldn't find it. I feel like the reel just snapped halfway thru Natural Born Killers- what happens?!

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