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Deke Rivers

Ditto on Edwin O'Neal..that character was the most realistic wacko to hit the screen. That whole "I got a knife..its a good knife" line is chilling


Nice, I might be able to come up with some other ones if I think about it hard and long for a day.But,I like the list the way it is.My definitive comment for this is,that The Exorcist is the movie for me.It,still to this day,gets under my skin,and freaks my shit out!I have outgrown my fear for most of the movies that used to scare me(Fright Night scared the crap out of me,the first time I saw it,now it's just a comedy.I mean,Marcy from Married With Children,is supposed to be the damsel in distress,for christ's sake!).You are right on,Kim,the voice is probably the main reason!I don't like it when little girls talk like men!The amusing thing to me is that Rick James(rest in peace)must have been strangely attracted to this.Linda Blaire is attractive too,but I don't think I would be able to handle being intimate with Reagan!I've seen interviews where she has talked about how hard that movie made it for her personal life!Already wrote too much...I love Blue Velvet!Whenever someone says they want a Heineken,I can't help but think of that movie and laugh my ass off!Keep on keeping on,Kim!


Apparently not many others share my view on this one but Scorpio from the first Dirty Harry movie scares the absolute bejesus out of me. I first saw the flick when I was about 12 and, honestly, still have nightmares about that character. The scene where he's looking for a black guy to shoot from the rooftop, the way he laughs, his red beanie, Schifrin's music wailing in the background ..... it's hard for me to explain how terrifying it is to watch this film. Of course, the fact that Andy Robinson himself seems like such a regular guy (as seen on the dvd) makes it even more bizarre. Watch the film alone at night and tell me I'm wrong.

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