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Hey,Kim.Nice interview.I like Tracy's comedy and his work from SNL.I have to be honest though;he was there in an era that wasn't very good in most part, in my opinion.That seemed to make his stuff that much more of a stand out.I didn't really like the cast back then,but compared to the recent cast,I actually almost wish for the previous ones.It might not be very fair to lay blame on the cast themselves though.I think more than anything else it's the writing and material they have to do.I've heard of other actors talking trash about the writing as well,so maybe there is something to this.Sometimes I try to watch the new ones,and I find it suprising when I actually laugh at something on there.I'm curious as to what your favorite SNL period is, and who some of your favorite comedians/actors are that came out of the show.Oh yeah,you rock,Kim!!Keep it up.So until they make a remake of the remake, The Longest Yard,make mine Morgan.

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