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Porn - truly a loaded topic. I enjoy porn and have always been fascinated by the sociological aspects of it as a subculture. But that's too deep. There's good porn and bad porn, just as there's good disco and bad disco. Do disco and porn have a right to exist? Sure they do, but it doesn't mean you have to pay attention to them. It's one of those "eye of the beholder" sorta things, I guess. I think the people working in porn these days are doing so out of a genuine desire to work in that industry. I believe the days of girls being forced into it are in the past, for the most part. That doesn't mean abused girls don't go into the biz. They are fractured souls that would find other ways of hurting themselves if porn didn't exist. I'm sure we all realize there are myriad other ways to degrade oneself. This is America - pay your money and take your ride...

Big Jake

Ok, you say that porn is boring for the most part, if that is the case then why does everyone like it and buy it? haha.
But i can understand how hard it is to write about it.
Good reading tho.


Young women are being bombarded with messages that it's just sex and it is fun. They see celebs like Hilton and Spears with their in your face nudity and sexuality, they think it must be OK. I've noticed how often people make rude and disparaging remarks about these women whenever they come up in conversation. They may have set up road blocks to ever being taken seriously in future endeavours. Average young women who mimic their behaviors for money or popularity may find themselves shunned by people in their communities. I think it is true that people still want their porn in the dark spaces of society. Women who put it out there publicly for money or popularity may find themselves shunned by people in their communities. I think society essentially has not changed as much as much as the main stream media suggests.

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