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Has anyone watched Battle Royale 2? It doesn't beat the first one, but pretty cool nonetheless.

Steve Brady

I guess your friend doesn't subscribe to the whole "anger leads to hate..." thing.


Not enough rage? The left wing has been full of rage for a couple of years now. It's become their defining characteristic. The rage of Michael Moore (sincere or a brilliant marketing gimmick to make him even richer?) and his ilk was an enormous gift to President Bush, greatly aiding his re-election effort. Your friend wants the left to become even more whacked out on rage? She must be a covert Republican operative leading the opposition to oblivion by encouraging their worst tendencies. Good work!


I just love The Runaways. While Lita, Joan & Cherie were the primary forces in the group some people forget that Michael Steele of Bangles fame was in the group for like maybe a month or so. she played the material from the Born to be Bad album but I'm not certain if it was recorded or not. There are a few bootlegs out there of her playing material from "Born to be Bad" though


Hey, just saw you on TSS and thought I'd check out your blog. I like movies, so I'm trying to convince myself I dropped by to read reviews instead of looking for pictures of a pretty blonde(?). Glad I did, love the pictures.

BTW, your friend is misguided. Anger can be the catalyst for doing something, but there are plenty of pissed off people sitting on their asses not doing a damn thing. DETERMINATION & PERSERVERENCE make things happen.

John Kerry was never pissed off. He never had anything but the dream of becoming JFK II and would do anything to get there (even lying about his fellow soldiers in Vietnam). Fortunately, most of the country sees through that and doesn't let their anger guide their actions.

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